Qcards - Digital Business Cards

Qcards - Digital Business Cards

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Qcards eliminate printed card pile-ups and throwaways. Share one link to connect and showcase!

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Digital Business Cards

Create stylish digital business cards with a customized QR code and personalized link to easily share and add to contacts.




GuruNinjas.com - Get Listed!

Guru Ninjas is the content-rich directory of go-to-experts you want to connect with! Grow personally and professionally with valuable content and expertise.


GNTV.me - A Better Way To Share Videos

GNTV.me was created for those who understand they're not going to be the next YouTube sensation and would like the option to offer free & paid content, accept tips & donations, monetize their channels, and support a grass roots advertising network. Start sharing your videos from GNTV and stop feeding the beast.



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